About Us

Our Mission

To facilitate success by facilitating communications

Who We Are

Initially established as a local language school in 2005, ACCESS English now specializes in providing professional English-language services and online courses to our clients and students worldwide.
Our experienced instructors, editors and linguists are ready to provide guidance and feedback so that you can achieve your language learning objectives.

Our Language Teaching Philosophy

Based on current theories of second-language acquisition, we believe the most effective way to learn a language is to follow a strategy based on the habit of reading in combination with consistent listening and speaking practice.
The theoretical basis for this approach is the research of Dr Stephen Krashen into the multi-faceted benefits of extensive reading. In his 2004 book “The Power of Reading“, Dr Krashen states that the habit of reading should be the foundation of second language acquisition as it facilitates learning grammar rules “naturally” and promotes vocabulary expansion.