English Language Services

Clarify. Convince. Communicate.

ACCESS English provides professional language services that help bridge the language barrier so that you can start to truly communicate.
Whether you are drafting a proposal for an international project or writing an essay for college admission, you want to express yourself clearly and persuasively.

English Language Services for Business Communications

We provide a range of specialized language services that facilitate online business communications:

  • Translations (by human translators)
  • Transcriptions (by human transcribers)
  • Content Creation (create new or improve existing content for web pages and social media)
  • Proofreading (academic, technical and business texts)
  • Voice Overs (in standard American English)


English Language Services for Corporate Training


We have extensive experience in corporate training including business writing, business conversation and presentation skills courses. We offer online writing courses and on-site lessons with experienced native-speaking instructors so that you can improve in all areas of language usage.

Our Language Teaching Philosophy
Based on current theories of second-language learning, we believe the most effective way to learn a language is to follow a strategy based on the habit of reading in combination with consistent listening and speaking practice. The theoretical basis for this approach is the research of Dr Stephen Krashen into the multi-faceted benefits of extensive reading.

In his 2004 book “The Power of Reading“, Dr Krashen states that the habit of reading should be the foundation of second language learning as it facilitates internalizing grammar rules and expanding range of vocabulary.

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The Effect of Reading on the Acquisition of English Relative Clauses. Lee, Y.O., Krashen, S., and Gribbons, B. 1996. ITL: Review of Applied Linguistics 113-114, 263-273.

Free Grammar Quizzes


Practice and improve your English language skills with our free grammar quizzes. Categorized by level and by topic, each quiz has answers and explanations to help you understand specific grammar points.

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